Quality Control
Quality Control
Welcome to Forests Packaging Group.

Professional testing and guaranteed quality is one of our most important production management policies. Here is our quality control department. A professional QC department has been set up in each factory branch; there are all kinds of advanced testing equipment.

For example precision weighing device, thickness tester, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, resistant and resistance control device, carton compression tester, or color density detector. We make all kinds of paper material samples for your reference, semifinished and finished samples at your option, and different quality levels to meet your requirements for material. There must be at least one sample quality that will satisfy you.

With the help of the testing facilities we can meet your requirements for material reports, provide you with an ETC test, burst test, break box test, etc.

Except material QC we also have strict color printing control, professional ink master, and professional technicians for different processing procedures, from dye cut moulds through CPT making, printing, laminating, pressing, cutting, and glueing to packaging.

Especially for color printing, in our standard lab we use a color detector to narrow color difference, spot check printing sheets while printing, meet your high demands for color control on boxes.

Thereby we produce satisfactory and good quality paper boxes for you and your customers.

Guaranteed quality is the key to our management of Forest’s reputation.

Within our concept of developing innovation, our mission is to make high-quality paper boxes that customers will be satisfied with.

Improving quality and pursuing excellence and perfection is what we are doing now and will do in future.

Welcome to Forests Packaging Group - a quality-oriented packing brand.

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